Shokz Openfit Comfortable Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds

Shokz, the well-known audio brand known for its patented open-ear technology, recently launched OpenFit, its very first true wireless open-ear earphones. Combining the brand’s innovative air conduction technology with a comfortable and lightweight design, Openfit offers users a truly immersive listening experience. With a focus on comfort, situational awareness and exceptional sound quality, these headphones will revolutionize the way we enjoy audio on the go.

Comfortable and Safe Design

The openfit earbuds have an ultra-light and balanced Dolphin Arc ear hook that adapts to the natural shape of your ears. Whether you’re interacting with colleagues, keeping in touch with loved ones, or working out, these open-eared headphones provide comfort and safety all day long. Weighing only 8.3 grams per ear, they are so light that you will forget that you are wearing them.

Immersive sound and situational awareness

Shokz has developed OpenFit with a two-layer liquid silicone that provides a soft fit for any ear shape and eliminates discomfort even with prolonged wearing.

The headphones have a custom dynamic speaker that delivers pure sound directly into your ear without clogging the ear canal. This way you can enjoy crystal clear sound while remaining aware of your surroundings. With OpenFit you won’t miss a beat.

DirectPitch™ technology and OpenBass™ algorithm

OpenFit uses DirectPitch™ technology, a revolutionary audio experience that guarantees superior sound quality with balanced highs, clear mids and powerful basses. The proprietary openbass™ algorithm further enhances low-frequency vibrations and directs them to your ear without hindering it. This means that you can enjoy the richness of your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks like never before.

AI call noise suppression and water resistance index

OpenFit is equipped with AI Call Noise Cancelling technology, which ensures crystal clear call quality even in noisy environments.

This feature has been tested and proven in common noisy environments and filters out up to 99.7% of ambient noise and ensures uninterrupted conversations. In addition, these earbuds are designed with an IP54 waterproof rating to resist splashes and sweat, which makes them perfect for strenuous workouts or outdoor activities.

Extended Battery Life and Intuitive Controls

With up to 28 hours of music playback in the included powering matter, OpenFit is a reliable companion for athletes and entrepreneurs on the go. The headphones also provide convenient control of audio playback and call via the built-in touchpads, freeing your hands from the additional use of the phone. In addition, the Shokz app offers a personalized listening experience that allows you to customize the EQ modes and key functions to suit your preferences.


Shokz’s launch of the OpenFit Open-ear true wireless earbuds sets a new standard for comfortable and immersive audio experiences. With their unique air conduction technology, ergonomic design and advanced features such as AI call noise cancellation, these headphones offer unparalleled comfort, situational awareness and sound quality.

Whether you are working, exercising or just enjoying your favorite music, OpenFit will take your audio experience to a new level. Don’t miss this state-of-the-art audio innovation from Shokz.

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