Unitree Go2 Embodied Ai Quadruped Robot Redefining Robotics

Unitree, a leading robotics company, has unveiled its recent creation, the Unitree Go2. Combining the power of embodied artificial intelligence (AI) with advanced hardware and software upgrades, this four-legged robot ushers in a new era of endless possibilities. With notable improvements in its recognition system, its intelligence capabilities, its endurance and its interaction with the user, the Go2 sets a new standard for the accompaniment of intelligent robots.

Improved Detection System:

The Go2 has an improved 4D Ultra-wide LIDAR (light detection and ranging) system, surpassing its predecessor by 200%.

With an ultra-wide hemispherical detection function of 360° x90°, the Go2 minimizes blind spots and can navigate easily over different terrains. Its impressive minimum detection distance of 0.05 m ensures accurate detection and improved safety.

Embodied Intelligence: AI with GPT support:

Built with the power of the GPT (generative pre-driven transformer), the Go2 has an extensive voice base that allows it to clearly understand the user’s intentions and its environment. This fusion of AI and robotics allows the Go2 to make informed decisions based on real-time sensor information, which improves its adaptability and responsiveness.

Powerful Hardware Upgrades:

To achieve more complex movements and smoother locomotion, the engine power of the Go2 has been increased by 30% and provides a maximum articulated torque of 45 NM. In addition, the battery capacity has been extended to 8,000 to 15,000 mAh, which allows for a longer operating time.

The integration of a 4G module, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and stable network connections guarantees seamless remote control functions and a variety of connectivity options.

Advanced Software Features:

With advanced operating system and control upgrades, the Go2 presents superior balance and stability in its movements. In addition, the voice assistant has been completely updated to allow offline voice commands and promote superior offline interaction between users and the robot.

Unlimited fun with innovative application features:

The Go2 provides a companion mobile application that allows the transmission of real-time images and the display of the Radar altitude map, allowing users to monitor their surroundings at any time and from anywhere.

The application also provides complete information about the sensor parameters so that users have a clear view of the robot’s operating status. In addition, over-the-air (OTA) upgrades allow the Go2 to continuously improve its performance and user experience through program updates.

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